irena "nina" Kelly was born in Indonesia, where she completed Bachelor Degree in Art and Visual Design.

In her native country, Nina worked for five years as an art and craft teacher in an elementary school and organized numerous school events.  In a change of career, she became a wedding invitation designer with a wedding planning agency before deciding to move to the USA.

All of her life, Nina has always made something for people on their birthday, special occasion or any other celebration. She loves to give something that makes everything personal, unique, and an expression of that person.

It started from the first gift to the next, from one special request to another, from customer to customer, until Nina developed her present designs by creating inKlei *

 *Ink|craft was the name before it named inklei which means nina plays with clay. ink is stands for Nina's complete name, klei is clay in indonesian language.


978 494 3340
Methuen, MA
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