Air dry model material 
light weight, non-toxic.
I am sorry. I am  no longer using this material.

Display box is recommended for your air dry cake topper.
This box is a must for any cake topper are shipped 


Oven bake polymer clay, medium weight, non-toxic.
This material is durable. Unless you drop it really hard, safe keeper box is optional.
The display box could be ordered together with the doll, to make traveling the doll easier.
The display box are subject to change, and different color.
The display box is a must for shipped topper. 

$65.00 per figurine
$110.00 couple figurine (wedding cake topper)
$45.00 for the third and up figurines
Display box price not included






Each piece is hand-crafted and is not intended to be an exact duplicate or portrait.   Minor imperfections may be expected.
Prices will vary according to type and complexity of design.
Methuen, MA
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