inksprout is an economic style cake topper from inklei. They are base from a wooden peg, and covered with polymer clay to be customized into your figurines. The advantage of inksprout is you can do much with the standing pose they are too chubby to pose in different way.

inksprout is not only for cake topper. it perfect for house decoration which contain of a family member figurines as  you can see the sample below.

They are light weight, very stable and very durable.

Adult sprout spec: 4" - 4.5" tall                                                          $25.00 per figurine         $45.00per couple             $15.00 the 3rd and up figurine

Teenage sprout spec: 2" - 2.5" tall                                                     $20.00 per figurine         $35.00per couple             $10.00 the 3rd and up figurine


Prince Kabayashi and Princess Miyako 



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